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Malediction- Chronology Of Distortion CD at Press Plant

We send this week to press plant our upcoming release, UK death/ grind masters MALEDICTION release a full discography with an extensive booklet of 24 pages with tons of pics,lyrics,covers....
This stuff will be kill your fucking ears.
release early May 2016.

Desolator Debut Album

"Unearthly Monument", the debut full-length from Swedish old school Death Metallers DESOLATOR, will be released on June 30, 2013 via Hellthrasher Productions. The album consists of 12 tracks (including re-recorded versions of some of the band's earlier songs), was mixed and mastered by Nikos G. at Hellish Music Productions and features the following tracklist: 'Thy Flesh Consumed', 'Desolated', 'Gravefeast', 'Mass Human Pyre', 'Infernal Gathering', 'Feeding Frenzy', 'The Triumph Of Death', 'Bludgeoned, Beaten And Berated', 'Second Killing Of Christ', 'Impaled', 'Age Of Annihilation' and 'Antimortem Autopsy'. The track 'Infernal Gathering' is available for streaming at this location

Incantation new Album

INCANTATION have finished the recordings of their new album ”Vanquish In Vengeance“ at Mars Studio with Bill Korecky. The mixing was done by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios and the cover art comes courtesy of Worthless ( Here's the tracklist: 'Invoked Infinity', 'Ascend Into The Eternal', 'Progeny Of Tyranny', 'Transcend Into Absolute Dissolution', 'Haruspex', 'Vanquish In Vengeance', 'Profound Loathing', 'The Hellions Genesis', 'From Hollow Sands' and 'Legion Of Dis'. An exclusive track for Decibel Magazine's Flexi Disc series will be available only to subscribers (


"Through The Eternal Damnation", the 4-track debut EP by Turkish Death Metallers ENGULFED, is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. It was recently released on CD by Hellthrasher Productions (the vinyl edition will be out in a couple of months through Me Saco Un Ojo Records). The tracklist reads like this: 'Triumph Of The Impious', 'Summoned', 'Supreme Lord Of Blasphemy' and 'Inseminated With Demon Seed'. The band was formed in late 2010 by members of DECAYING PURITY, BURIAL INVOCATION and DEGGIAL. More information at

Graveyard New Album

Spanish Death Metallers GRAVEYARD will release their new album, "The Sea Grave", on March 8, 2013 via War Anthem Records. Here's the full tracklist: ''The Visitations Of The Great Old Ones', 'Faces Of The Faceless', 'Blood Of Vengeance', 'In Deep Slumber', 'The Nurturing Of The Cadaver', '...And The Gods Grant Thee Death', 'Who Art Thou, O Witch, That Seekest Me?', 'Cult Of The Shadows Pt. II: I Am The Lord Of Spirits', 'R'lyeh II', 'Of He Who Sleeps' and 'R'lyeh III'. An edited version of one of the new tracks,'The Visitations Of The Great Old Ones', is available for streaming at this location. For all additional GRAVEYARD information go to or

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