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RELEASE: When Darkness Return

YEAR:  2009

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 001 CD

COUNTRY:  Czech Republic




Morbider is at the forefront of the old school Death Metal resurgence. From Czech Republic, Morbider released an album that would put many from Sweden to shame. 'When Darkness Returns' is all that you love about the classic Swedish Death Metal sound in the vein of ripping Death Metal bands like Entombed, Nihilist and Dismember. This is grisly, potent and festering Death Metal, paying tribute to the legends and creating an unforgettable aura.

1. When Darkness Returns 03:32
2. One Shot Left 05:05
3. Bloodstained 02:51
4. Morbid Ways 04:37
5. God Bless The Massmurder 01:29
6. Beyond The Gates... 06:14
7. Revenge 02:49
8. Rotting Soul 03:54
9. Behold The Nothingness 03:36
10. Bloodred Shores Of Damnation 04:14
11. Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom (Dissection cover) 03:2



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