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RELEASE: Boiling Humans

YEAR:  2011

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 002 CD





Classic Texas Death Metal band Embalmed present us with material from the early '90s to the unreleased album made under the name Blastwound by members of Embalmed. Dark Blasphemies Records has put together a brilliant compilation of the band's entire demo material as well as released that underground album that before this hadn't seen the light of day. The music reeks of that classic Death Metal quality we all love. This is crunchy, brutal Death Metal with a penchant for catchy hooks and guttural Texas-style mayhem.

1. Boiling Humans 04:19
2. Crotch Cobbler 02:54
3. Feast On Mummified Remains 05:09
4. Bloated Cadaver 04:22
5. Bile Excretions 03:07
6. Parasitic Devourment 04:29
7. Bowel Fester 03:13
8. Corrosion Complexion 03:54
9. Infested With Maggots 04:37
10. Burn And Bleed 05:38
11. Bloodbath 04:35
12. Gutted And Eaten 03:38
13. Pungent Succulations 03:10
14. Acidised Remains 02:15
15. Bludgeoned 03:52
16. Bathbub Slayings 04:08



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