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RELEASE: Awakening in the Cemetery Grave

YEAR:  2012

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 003 CD





There's no better way for a label owner of Dark Blasphemies Records to set the standard when it comes to putting out music. Featuring guitarist Dave Devour, Unconsecrated was one of Spain's finest Death Metal bands until the band decided to breakup. This is putrid old school Death Metal, showing others how it's done, not compromising anywhere in the expression of the dark, classic art that has become a part of every Death Metal fan. This release includes all the band's recorded material. One release to own them all.

1. Intro 00:49
2. Buried In The Crypt 03:49
3. Exhumating Profaned Flesh 03:09
4. Slave To The Grave 04:04
5. Breath Of Desolation 01:39
6. Path Of The Ancient Gods 05:02
7. Dark Awakening 05:04
8. Over The Throne 04:01
9. Temple Of Darkness 04:19
10. Descending Into The Abyss 04:34
11. Tombs Of Fallen Angels 05:26
12. Recremated By The Sunlight 04:39
13. Journey Into The Crypts Of The Dead 03:39
14. Morbid Dawn Of The Deceased 05:00
15. Unconsecrated Cemetery 03:53
16. Recently Deceased 05:21
17. The Curse Of Evocation 03:54
18. Dead Forever ( Unleashed Cover ) 03:00



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