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RELEASE: Visions Of Nihilism

YEAR:  2013

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 004 CD





One of the earliest bands in the Texas Death Metal scene and the most overlooked band in the history of American Death Metal from that period, Crucifix released some mighty demos repressed here on CD for the first time by Dark Blasphemies Records. Ironically, the compilation is named after the album that never saw the light of day. This release stands out from the others, this predates the others, this band is one of the progenitors of the Brutal Death Metal style that came into existence along with Suffocation, Internal Bleeding and Baphomet. Massive stuff.

1. Submit To Earth 04:33
2. Succeeding The Reign 03:34
3. Barriers 06:13
4. Vaporized 06:01
5. Anatomy Catastrophe 02:57
6. Let To Rot 03:48
7. Devious Conception 04:12
8. The Beast Within 04:35
9. Addiction 07:12
10. Born In Amity 04:42
11. Poor Rich Man 05:12



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