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RELEASE: Still Not Dead

YEAR:  2013

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 005 CD





This is not the Finnish Death Metal band, but instead an even older, authentic Death Metal band from US, one of the first ones from Texas. Dark Blasphemies Records is the official distributor of this release in Europe after Desastrious Records released this on behalf of the band which is still looking for its due, even after 20 years of existence. This is crawling, oozing, Death Metal screaming classic all over. Again, with Crucifix and Embalmed, this band forms the classic trio of TXDM and is brought back to life via Dark Blasphemies Records for one and all to appreciate and reminisce.

1. Enfulged In Flames 03:45
2. Religious Hatred 02:30
3. Corpisal Copulation 03:03
4. Killer Elite 05:22
5. Meaningless Progression 03:34
6. Undetermined Death 01:48
7. Fetal Mutilation 03:30
8. Dorment Souls 03:30
9. Natas 03:26
10. The Dead 03:21
11. Feasting On The Flesh 02:07
12. Chick Fillet 02:51



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