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Funeration / Anathema

RELEASE: Demo tapes 90 - 91

YEAR:  2015

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 012 CD

COUNTRY:  Finland




Are you into the early stuff by Disgrace, Funebre, Grave, Demilich, Carcass and Bolt Thrower? Then make sure to buy these fully remastered 33 minutes of old school Death Metal from an obscure Finnish band that was one of the best kept secrets of the very early 90´s. 8 tracks of pure rotten Death Metal from the heydays of the genre!!!

1. Envoy Of Hypocrisy ( Promo 1991 ) 03:47
2. Higher Form's Game ( Promo 1991 ) 04:02
3. Yellow Phlegm (Demo II) 04:13
4. Perdition (Demo II) 03:52
5. Enigma Of The Departed (Demo II) 03:59
6. The First Symptoms Of Rotting (Demo II) 04:52
7. Perdition ( Funeration Demo Tape ) 03:51
8. The First Symptoms Of Rotting ( Funeration Demo Tape ) 04:37



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