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RELEASE: Sinister Resurrection Of The Morbid Necrotzar

YEAR:  2015

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 013 CD

COUNTRY:  Netherland




A CD that compiles the two demos from this old Dutch band: "The world is damned" (1991) and "Death deified" (1992). Old school technical Death Metal with a Thrash Metal edge for fans of Death, Mercyless, Thanatos, Massacra, Pestilence, Polluted Inheritance, Revenant, Atheist..

1. Intro 01:10
2. Crucify The Priest 04:29
3. Interrogation 04:49
4. The Triangle 05:43
5. Apathetic Indecision 06:16
6. Intro 00:48
7. The World Is Damned 05:14
8. Obscure Death 05:30
9. Mortal Society 07:40
10. Sectarian 04:03



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