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RELEASE: A Document Of Dysphoria

YEAR:  2016

GENRE:  Death Metal


CAT:  DBR 018 CD

COUNTRY:  Finland




1.Enjoy (7"ep) 03:15
2.Swansong (7"ep) 03:46
3.Dreamtime Over (7"ep) 04:34
4.Values (7"ep) 02:48
5.Obfuscation (Demo'93) 03:45
6.Manifest (Demo'93) 03:14
7.Deborn (Demo'93) 03:30
8.Dreamtime Over (Demo'93) 04:56
9.The Curse (Demo'93) 04:16
10.Sanity Prison (Demo'92) 04:10
11.Disorder (Demo'92) 00:48
12.Childhood's End (Demo'92) 03:47
13.Blissful (Demo'92) 01:28
14.In Democracy (Demo'92) 03:44
15.Sanctus (Demo'92) 01:45
16.An Imaginary Conversation(Demo'92) 04:28
17.Greed (Demo,92) 00:25
18.Obfuscation (Demo'92) 03:40
19.Enjoy (Promo Tape'94) 03:20
20.Values (Promo Tape'94) 02:28
21.Swansong (Promo Tape'94) 03:47
22.Stalemate (Napalm Death cover) 01:12


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