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Crypt Of Kerberos

Demos+Eps. Compilation CD

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A mandatory CD that compiles all the non-album material from this legendary Swedish Death Metal band: "Cyclone of insanity" EP (1992), "Visions beyond darkness" EP (1991), both demos from 1991 and for the first time on CD, the "Into the ruins" EP (2012), previously only available on vinyl format. This stuff, except for the 2012 EP, was previously available on the "The macrodex of war" compilation CD, which had some digital errors and issues with the track listing. All tracks on this CD are mastered from the DAT´s and mastered meticulously for the ultimate sonic experience. Included will be the original cover artwork from both EP´s and the first demo, unpublished classic band photos and new liner notes from the band.

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