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Dead Infection

Surgical Disembowelment.DigiPack CD
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LABEL: Selfmadegod

The 1993 classic debut full length from Poland's DEAD INFECTION has finally got proper reissue after 23 years! 10 intense and merciless purulent goregrind hymns recorded in the line-up: Cyjan, Kelner, Tocha, Mały. The CD is housed in 8-panel digipak. "Surgical Disembowelment" is no doubt one of the most important goregrind albums of all time!

1. Maggots in Your Flesh 03:05
2. Pathological View on the Alimentary Canal 03:17
3. Torsions 03:52
4. Undergo an Operation 03:16
5. After Accident 03:43
6. Xenomorph 02:58
7. Let Me Vomit 04:36
8. Spattered Birth 02:40
9. Start Human Slaughter 04:07
10. Deformed Creature 03:06

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