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Denial Of God

The Hallow Mass.CD
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At long last, legendary black metallers DENIAL OF GOD return with their LONG-awaited third album, The Hallow Mass! Set to be jointly released by OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS and HELLS HEADBANGERS, The Hallow Mass was preceded by the short 'n' sweet The Shapeless Mass EP in June, which stoked the fires for yet more new recordings since 2012's Death and the Beyond. To say that this album is massively anticipated and very long overdue would be quite the understatement!

By now, DENIAL OF GOD should need little introduction. Since that fateful year of 1991, the brothers Azter and Ustumallagam have perfected an idiosyncratic style of black metal that's positively drenched in the supernatural and remains firm in their conviction of more classicist-styled songwriting. In fact, "black metal" might even be a misnomer; rather, BLACK HORROR METAL would be more accurate.

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