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Return to the void (The complete recorded works). CD
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A fantastic CD that compiles the "Blackened empire" album (1991), the "Human plague" demo (1990) and the "Circle of hypocrites" demo/promo (1992) from this obscure U.K. band featuring Carlo Regadas (ex-Carcass, ex-Blackstar). All songs remastered. Absolutely recommended for all fans of early/mid 90´s Death Metal and most especially bands such as Death, Cancer, Benediction, Immolation, Incubator, Obituary...

1.    Entangled 05:22    
2.    Banished From Humanity 03:17    
3.    Relentless Anguish 04:42    
4.    Obsession Syndrome 03:26    
5.    Live Through My Pain 04:58    
6.    Burning Rage 04:29    
7.    Defiance 04:49    
8.    Human Plague(Demo' 90) 05:28    
9.    Doomed (Demo´90) 05:30    
10.  Beyond Your Destiny (Demo'90) 05:27    
11.  Bond Of Secrets (Promo´92) 07:40    
12.  Circle Of Hypocrites (Promo'92) 05:09    
13.  Hazed Insight (Promo´92) 05:16


Monday, 28 March 2016
Fantastic compilation of Death Metal. The followers of the Old School does not leave more than satisfied.

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