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From Far Beyond.CD
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LABEL: Memento Mori

Official reissue, available on CD for the first time ever, of this mega-cult and ultra-obscure Death Metal classic from the Spanish scene. Originally released on tape (only 100 copies pressed!) in 1992, "From Far Beyond" was one of the very first Death Metal albums to be released by a Spanish band. This fantastic reissue features a terrific brand new artwork and layout by Cesar Valladares, liner notes supplied by a few veteran Spanish scenesters and a fully detailed bio-interview conducted and compiled by David Nevado (Bleak ´zine). Remastered by Morgul (of Morbid Yell fame), "From Far Beyond" is a collection of occult Death Metal that is the embodiment of pure evil: sinful melodies of epic proportions, down-tuned guitars, cavernous bass, aggressive tremolo riffs and fast beats that lead the way to damnation, slower tempos with a tasteful use of gloomy synth effects and acoustic guitars, demented reptilian howls with a pleasant amount of reverb... Fans of underground, anachronistic and genuine Death Metal in the vein of Nihilist/Entombed, early Morbid Angel, Unleashed and early Death, rejoice!!!

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