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Drawings of the Dead.CD
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LABEL: Memento Mori

Repress of the Memento Mori´s 2011 official reissue of the debut full-length, originally released on Morbid Records in 1994, of this obscure German band, slightly remastered for an even more pleasurable listening experience and featuring their "Anatomia Reformata" EP (1993) as bonus tracks. Thick, gruesome Death Metal with a distinctively bizarre, surreal and decadent atmosphere comprised of slow-to-mid paced passages and grinding overtones sublimated by some gargling, guttural vocals, like the impossible combination of early Pungent Stench, diSEMBOWELMENT, early Carcass and Demilich. The 12-page booklet features brand new artwork & layout by Patrick Wentz, the band´s drummer. It´s a real shame that such a monster of an album passed through almost unnoticed two decades ago and it´s so hard -and expensive- to get nowadays (even our 2011 reissue is!!!), so this repress is the greatest chance for new listeners, old fans and people who missed out on our 2011 reissue to grab a copy for a very reasonable price.

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