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Necrotic Mutation

Mutanthology. Digipack CD
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Mutanthology is a fully remixed and remastered Deluxe Digipack Edition that comes with CD and 2 booklets. It includes: The Realm Of Human Illusions and Sepulchre Of The Suffering releases as well as the no-longer ultra rare four song demo from 1992 Advanced Tape '92 and the exclusive track Ça Berger from the 1996 Noel dans la rue compilation.

Track List:

01- The Psycho path
02- Feeding on Human Flesh
03- Behind The Veil
04- The Mask of Lunacy
05- Nothing Just a Dream
06- Day of Mourning
07- Çà, bergers **
08- Rectal Extraction of Maggot Colony
09- Sepulchre of The Suffering
10- Persistence of Agony
11- Organic Stench
12- Feeding on Human Flesh *
13- Abdication *
14- Mutilation *
15- Infected *
* Bonus tracks
** Exclusive tracks

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