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Global Resistance Rising.CD
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LABEL: FDA Records

7 years of a so called release-break they used for themselves to present their most brutal material to date. The 10 brand new songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at IGUANA Studios under the direction of Christoph Brandes. REQUIEM are back, in best shape and stronger than ever before, full of energy and with a monster of album in their luggage !!

Cover artwork by Dan Seagrave (www.danseagrave.com Morbid Angel,Dismember,Suffocation,Entombed etc.)

Track listing

1. For the blind to see
2. Lockdown
3. DeEvolution
4. Vultures
5. No quarter given
6. Downward spiral
7. Salvation in vain
8. Greed kills
9. Resistance is rising
10. Fire in the hole

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