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Terminal Death

Terminal Death.CD
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When you talk about proto-Death Metal bands, we think of Mantas/Death, Master, Possessed, early Sepultura or even early Slayer. But there were a few ripping bands that quickly fell into obscurity, and Terminal Death is one of those bands. This is not just an obscure band, as they could have been a huge Death Metal band if they were signed to the right label back then because they certainly had all of the talent the aforementioned bands did. This is a remastered collection of their complete and very short-lived career, featuring the "Rehearsal" demo (1984), the "Faces of death" demo (1985) as well as some more rehearsal songs circa 1986. The booklet is massive with a very in-depth and lengthy interview done by Laurent from Snakepit Magazine. All in all, Terminal Death is a great example of what Death Metal was like during its very infancy. Get ahold of a copy now... before it´s too late!!!

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